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If you have dry eyes, then you might be a good candidate for LipiFlow. LipiFlow is a treatment that can help restore your eyes’ function. This can be a great solution for your needs. There are many treatments available for your dry eyes.

However, many only offer temporary relief for the condition. With the LipiFlow treatment, you can benefit from treating the root cause of your dry eyes. This will improve your daily activities. It can also increase your quality of life.

Symptoms of Dry Eyes

There are several symptoms of dry eyes. If an eye doctor has already diagnosed you, then you know what your symptoms are. However, if you have not been diagnosed, then you might not be too familiar with the symptoms. You should see the eye doctor if you have any of these symptoms:

·      Itchy eyes.

·      Burning eyes.

·      Red eyes.

·      Blurry vision.

·      Scratchy eyes.

·      Watery eyes.

·      Pain.

How Does the LipiFlow Treatment Work?

The LipiFlow system will add heat to your meibomian gland in your eye. As you age, the glands can begin to be clogged. Your natural glands will begin to have oil crystalizing in them. That means that the glands are blocked. Because your tear film does not have enough oil in it, the film can evaporate faster.

The good news is that the LipiFlow treatment can unblock these glands. That way, the glands can begin to produce the oils that will lubricate your eyes. Your tear film will be stabilized from evaporating quite so fast.

Proven to Work Well

There have been several studies done for the LipiFlow treatment. In one of the clinical trials, more than 76 percent of the patients reported that their symptoms improved significantly after they had the treatment. The symptoms of the patients had improved in just four weeks of treatment.

This means that many of the patients were able to resume their normal activities after they had the treatments. They did not need to worry about if they would have itching, burning, or pain in their eyes. About 98 percent of patients will experience some form of relief from their dry eye conditions.

Easy Treatment

When you choose to get a LipiFlow treatment, you can get it right in the office of the eye doctor. The treatment itself is very short. It only lasts for about 12 minutes. You can even have the appointment on the same day you get your eye evaluation. If you are a good candidate, then this can save you from having to have multiple trips to the office.


When you choose the LipiFlow system, you will be using a system that has much research behind it. The system has more than 25 years of research behind it. By understanding and studying the causes of dry eyes and how it affected the patients, the developers were able to come up with the technology.

If you are interested in learning more about LipiFlow, please contact Advanced Eyecare Center in Urbandale, Iowa, today.

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